Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our General Online Proctoring FAQ page to learn more about Online Proctored Exams.

  • CNA offers a total of 19 different certification exams.
  • The CNA Certification Examinations are a total of 4 hours in duration
  • The exam results will be emailed three weeks after the exam’s last day of administration

Note: All candidates writing via ProctorU are responsible for purchasing the correct reservation product (certification exam) for their respective specialty and nurse registration category. Please ensure the exam listed in your account corresponds with the exam you have been approved to write. If you purchased and booked the incorrect exam, please contact Yardstick Assessment Strategies directly for assistance. 

  • Water or other beverages in a clear, label free water bottle or container
  • You are not permitted to wear a watch.
  • Bathroom breaks are permitted, but you must notify the proctor prior to leaving the exam room and upon your return. The exam timer will not be paused and you will be required to re-pan the examination room upon your return.
  • You may take no more than a 5 minute bathroom break - if the bathroom break is longer than 5 minutes, the proctor will file an incident report.
  • You must present a valid (unexpired, original ID - no photocopies).
  • This must be government issued and have your first and last name, photo and signature. The first and last name that you used to register must match exactly the first and last name on the ID that you will present at the time of your test.
  • Acceptable forms of ID include: Driver's licence, passport, military ID card or provincial/territorial ID card.
  • The platform tutorial is available to all candidates to gain familiarity with the examination platform prior to their exam appointment. It can be accessed by logging into your account here and clicking on the 'Exams' tab.
  • The tutorial exam will not affect your examination results, responses or timing, and you can take this as many times as you choose.
  • NOTE: There is no content specific questions in this Tutorial.

Please click here for a full list of system requirements.

You are also encouraged to use the following Preparation Checklist to ensure you have completed all steps necessary ahead of your exam appointment.

  • PC or Mac are supported.
  • Chromebooks, tablets, iPad, mobile devices (cellphones) are not supported.
  • You must write your exam using a personal computer and network. You will be required to install a program upon connection to the proctor. Ensure to confirm you can install programs on your personal computer. This is not available for download prior to examination day.
  • You are only allowed to have 1 monitor running during the exam.
  • Webcam: You must be able to move the camera around to provide a 360 degree pan (this can be built-in to the computer or a separate device)
    • Note: You will be required to use a mirror or reflective surface to show the proctor your monitor during the registration process. This can include a cell phone with a front facing camera.
  • Microphone
  • Internet: A hardwired connection is preferred. If you choose to use wireless, we recommend a speed of at least 10Mbps
  • Google Chrome (recommended)

It is mandatory that all candidates test their exam day computer PRIOR to the examination date to ensure all requirements are met. Please do so by using the 'Test it out' function in your account.

  • You must be in a quiet, well-lit room.
  • Your physical workspace must be completely cleared except for any approved materials.
  • Your physical workspace must be a hard surface (i.e., desk or table).

Ensure your computer station is prepared 30 minutes prior to the scheduled connection time to reduce potential connection issues.

  • You will be required to install a program upon connection to a proctor.
  • Ensure to confirm you can install programs on the computer you intend to write the examination on. This is not available for download prior to examination day.
  • To test your computer's capability, please conduct a check on the terminal you will be using on exam day by using the 'Test it Out' function via your account.
  • If you have difficulties during the exam you can communicate with the proctor using the chat option.
  • In a case that you are unable to complete your exam, please contact Yardstick Assessment Strategies. You can find our contact information in the last section of this page.

To see a video of how the process works on exam day, click here.

  • Candidates must provide a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel their appointment without any penalties. To request a refund for your ProctorU seat fee, please contact Yardstick Assessment Strategies directly.
  • Technical issues encountered during the exam, which are a result of the candidate requiring a rebooking of the exam, may result in additional exam fees payable by the candidate.

If you are having trouble confirming the exam day processes or connecting with a proctor, feel free to contact Meazure Learning directly. 

Meazure Learning Support

Real Time Chat: Click HERE.
Ticket support (for non-urgent matters): Click HERE.
Phone: 1-855-772-8678, Option 1.